I shall set you free

Not even an animal wants to be "chained" or "thought" for! But humans do need education and work to have what they get! - wikipedia.org - chains

Since the annals and origins of humanity, and soon after the Patriarchal times of families, "slavery" of all sorts and nature have manifested themselves, and some have endured to this day in many ways and forms!

Generally jungle Indians, live in communal big thatched houses, forming a tribe! In modern days they have been pacified, from fights and slaughter and prisoner taking with other tribes!
But to this day, do not use slaves nor have slaves! They do not need psychologists nor psychiatry, as they form themselves socially from childhood to their lives, and initiate young ones to adulthood and more work and hunting!

Only modern white humans and other civilizations, still have many forms of slavery and have mental health problems and social disadapted people! They cause their own problems! Meaning to say, their modernism, is in this important sense, are more ancient than jungle Indians, and other patriarchal/matriarchal societies!

IN THE FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND LOGIC, TO PURE COMPLETE LOGIC, modern life is not healthy nor will provide a good future for humans or their children! This conflicts with their competitive/capitalistic World markets of demand and supply! Where big supplies cause lower prices, but also they do not preserve naturally big supplies in case of a Big World disaster, or World continental problems or Wars! Or if there were any natural disaster of major consequences! Because it goes against their false economy philosophy of competition and capitalism!


Lack of work and over-education, already creates a vast number of unoccupied humans, with not much future in their current system, of housing rentals which is another form of slavery, and meager living! This fuels livelihood from illegal sources and illegal activities and the sex and other trades, which are from since humans started slavery! Street drugs are not a solution, but a consequence of their own pernicious minds, of of wrong policies of World Governments.

The worst slavery, is World food hunger, in which there is still enough food for all, but politics impedes supply to these hungry, making Governments the biggest slavery drivers of any!

AS A LEADER IN PURE LOGIC, we can form parallel groups of power to run the World to normal living for all the needy and whomsoever wants! The rich and Governments, can live in their bubbles isolated from reality!

I OFFER TO SET YOU FREE, and live in harmony with NATURE, with no needs of wrong beliefs and Religions! HEAVEN and our only known home is here ON THIS PLANET, and never in any IMAGINARY FUTURE CELESTIAL CITY, or NEW PLANET, with a "Imaginary Jesus" Governing as perfect government! The Bible has lost any sane reason of their beliefs being true! Nothing needs to be perfect! But if you are busy and live well, you generally do not cause or commit crimes!

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